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About the country

Welcomed by an army of terracotta warriors, captivated by the docile looks of Giant Pandas and overwhelmed by the magic of mighty structures, you will realize you are exactly where you need to be. The People’s Republic of China, a country that continuously offers the rest of the world a fascinating way of life, decisively second to none: from one of the most ancient historical pasts to the deepest spiritual principles that allow for life itself to flow freely, from the most advanced and innovative technological inventions to the mightiest teas on earth. China, a fairy tale realm that makes itself known to you and to all who wish to visit a place filled with anecdotes of endless battles fought by fierce soldiers and powerful dragons on a Great Wall that is nothing less than a world wonder. Loyal to their roots and history, the people of China preserve a compendium of customs, religion, and history that make the Country’s patrimony a true testament of 'Heaven on Earth'.

Standard Chinese (Mandarin)
Population (Millions)
Renminbi (Chinese yuan)
Socket type

Type A
120 V 60 Hz.

Type C
220 V 50 Hz

Type I
230 V 50 Hz

Police - 110
Ambulance - 120


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